Table of contents

Don’t trust the bitch

in apartment 23. The funniest show on TV. If you like immorality in your comedy, this is what you want to see.
The show suffered needlessly when first published. The following ordering of the episodes is plausible, but not final. It is not my own. It is merely convenient. Enjoy the viewings. In the mode of screwball movies, the witty lines are delivered too quickly to figure them all out in one sitting…

Pilot (Curing moralism one crime at a time) & part 2 (Learning the hard way)

Season 1
1. Daddy’s girl Outraging the American family
2. Mean girls The problem of friendship & the good
3. Making rent On friendship & necessity
4. The wedding Friendship & celebrity
5. The scarlet neighbor The problem with going back to morality
6. Whatever it takes On necessity as a guide
7. It’s just sex Some notes on pleasure as art
8. The leak On the necessity of deception
9. Parent trap Undoing the American family
10. Shitagi Nashi Some notes on the life of pleasure
11. Bar lies Some more notes on the necessity of deception
12. A weekend in the Hamptons Some more notes on the life of pleasure

Season 2
1. A reunion On memory & happiness
2. It’s a miracle A note on compassion
3. Love & monsters On thrills
4. Sexy people On fantasies & happiness
5. Paris On acquiring a useful job
6. Teddy trouble Some notes on acquisition
7. Monday June On the mystery of immoderation
8. Dating games On sexual competition
9. The D On matchmaking
10. The seven year bitch On the strife of friendship
11. Using people On the possibility that happiness is unjust
12. Occupado Some more notes on fantasies
13. Original bitch On friendship & trust