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TV Shows

Here you can find the reviews of TV shows scattered among the film reviews.

Daredevil (2015)
i.1 Into the ring
i.2 Cut man
i.3 Rabbit in a snowstorm

Battle Creek, another new detective show, this one pairs a battered, bitter detective with a brilliant partner.
Ep.1 The Battle Creek way

Backstrom, a new series about a super-detective, which seems to be one long joke about how a writer writes his problems & then solves them.
Ep.1 Dragon slayer
Ep.2 Bella

Silicon Valley (2014) The new Mike Judge comedy series about tech geniuses & their hilarious inability to understand themselves & what they’re doing to our world. Laughing our way into the post-human future, so to speak.
Season 1, Ep.1 Minimum Viable Product Vikings & empires
Ep.2 The Cap Table Friendship for business
Ep.3 Articles of Incorporation What’s in a name
Ep.4 Fiduciary Duty Why technology needs clever speakers
Ep.5 Signaling Risk The image of technology
Ep.6 Third Party Insourcing The curse of individualism
Ep.7 Proof of Concept How technology is going to save democracy
Ep.8 Optimal Tip-To-Top Efficiency The imperative of productivity & the possibility of the new

Season 2, Ep.1 Sand Hill shuffle On progress

Ray Donovan (2013) The best drama on TV.
Season 1 A few notes on faith & fear
ep.1 The bag or the bat How evil does the work
ep.2 A mouth is a mouth How the family went to hell, & why they’re rich
ep.3 Twerk How evil works for the greater good
ep.4 Black Cadillac On the uses & disadvantages of justice & respectability for life
ep.5 The Golem Facing evil with a gun
ep.6 Housewarming Facing evil
ep.7 New birthday On the origins of individualism in family
ep.8 Bridget On the softness of individualism
ep.9 Road trip On individualism & celebrity
ep.10 Fite Nite How family falls apart
ep.11 Bucky Fuckn’ Dent Can family wash blood
ep.12 Same exactly How family comes back together

Elementary (2012) The new New York-based version of Sherlock Holmes’s story. See if you can figure out what the detective is doing in NYC…
Season 1 Episode 1 Some notes on how the modern science of nature helps justice

The Kennedys (2011) The only recent story about the most celebrated political family in America’s 20th century. It is alarmingly frank about the moral failures of the celebrated men & purchases at that price a very moral treatment of the political & strategic actions. If you do not know much about the Kennedys, it’s quite a good introduction to their story. If you know too much, skip it.
Episode 1 The election that changed American elections
Episodes 2-4 On the importance of popularity to rule
Episodes 5-6 The apotheosis of liberalism

Sherlock (2010) The series about Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century. If you like Sherlock, or indeed any other arrogant man bent on humiliating his lessers, this series is very compelling & benefits from all the advantages of something apparently only the English do: Feature-length episodes.
Series 1 Episode 1 Sherlock Holmes in democratic times
Series 1 Episode 3 Sherlock Holmes confronts the predicament of man
Series 2 Episode 3 Sherlock Holmes & the order of trial by jury

Justified (2010) This is the best cop show on TV. You have a federal marshal dispensing justice as best he & Kentucky can. It is as humorous as this sort of situation can be, but that makes it very difficult to show justice triumph. Enjoy the daring marshal. (Based on a story & produced by Elmore Leonard, one of the best writers of cops & criminals stories.)
Season 1 Episodes 1-6 On the possibility of the Western
Season 1 Episodes 7-11 On patriarchy & the laws
Season 1 Episodes 12-3 The cowboy’s private life
Season 2 A story about family
Season 3 A story about organized crime

The Pacific (2010) A series produced, apparently, because of the success of Band of Brothers. It has not been praised as highly, but it deserves similar praise. The series suffers from the difficulties inherent in the subject: The attempt to portray the Pacific War is the attempt to portray the worst campaigns fought by Americans, in the worst environment, against the most terrifying enemy. American military victory never looked as costly.
Episodes 1-4 The Pacific War
Episodes 5-7 Blood & sweat
Episode 8 Some notes on the making of soldiers
Episodes 9-10 Victory

The Unit (2006) The only show about life among the harshest or most extraordinary soldiers America sends to kill her enemies. The first season is one of the things you must see–the requirements of life after the attacks of September 11, 2001. (Produced by playwright David Mamet.)
Season 1 Episodes 1-5 An introduction to the War on Terror
Season 1 Episodes 6-10 On the price of national security
Season 1 Episodes 11-13 On the connection between terrorism & democracy

Band of Brothers (2001) The justly praised series about the campaigns fought by an elite paratrooper company in the 101st Airborne starting with the invasion of Normandy. A very persuasive portrayal of the American men at war in the time of the last major American military victory. (Produced by Steven Spielberg.)
Episodes 1-3 Preliminaries to warfare
Episodes 4-5 War operations
Episodes 6-8 The requirements of tactical success
Episodes 9-10 On the end of war