Table of contents

Suicide squad

The arrival of the age of abuse

Mr. David Ayer once made interesting movies about Los Angeles, which he seems to know well, the latest the shocking police thriller End of watch. He then passed his directing test, making a star-picture for a studio, the ugly, but moral WWII tank-crew drama Fury, starring Mr. […]

Get on up

A view of the brilliant man Some notes on the origin of democratic music

How do you feel about the popular music of the last several decades? One man in the last two generations is responsible for all these changes – James Brown. Rock music has come & gone, but this man still exerts […]

Ender’s Game

On war as education

In a future in which alien arms attack the planet, mankind must prepare for war. Those children who are by nature apt to become officers are educated separate from mankind. They are taught to play at war & the science required for modern war. They are not expected to invent […]

Law Abiding Citizen 1

& God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, & that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Genesis 6:5

A private man is attacked in his house. His family is slaughtered. He seeks justice, but is denied. He attempts to prove that corruption leads […]

Knight & Day 1

On love of action & beautiful actors

Tom Cruise is some kind of spy, or secret agent. His designs are unclear, but it gradually emerges he is in control of a highly volatile situation. As people start violently dying, a plane crashes, & a highway chase smashes about a dozen cars, we struggle to […]