Table of contents

The Lone Ranger

On the price of doing & knowing justice

Westward expansion is again underway, now the Civil War is over. The two brothers Reid have a disagreement about the requirements of justice. The elder is a Texas Ranger. The younger an Ivy League lawyer returning to Texas as a District Attorney. Their disagreement concerns capital […]

The Kennedys 1

The election that changed American elections

I feel sure I have earned the trust of my readers enough to hazard it all on a recommendation. Those of you who are interested in the political facts must be aware of the peculiar political situation which complicates our access to them. So that someone who wanted […]


On a failed conspiracy

We are surprised by the thought that there was only one attempt on the life of Adolf Hitler. That tyrant made himself hated among that class most likely to create assassins, the notables. They started by viewing the man with contempt, learning by degrees fear & therefore hatred. The notables […]

Batman Begins

A note on fear & justice

Everyone who knows this story knows that Batman fights evil men & that Bruce Wayne is afraid of bats. The two things seem completely unrelated. Bruce Wayne’s father tries to explain to the boy that the bats attacked him because they were afraid: All creatures are afraid. Aggression […]


Some advice for those who consider a life of crime

We suspect that Guy Ritchie’s comedies are meant to teach the audience a lesson they wouldn’t want to learn. The protagonists are usually entertaining fellows – confident, humorous, attractive. Nevertheless, they rarely succeed, never easily or to great advantage. Admittedly, the stories are not […]