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Black hawk down

A new look at the white man’s burden A look at the few men facing the coming chaos

If you remember the Clinton years, you might rethink that peace–maybe Mr. Clinton was too much of a coward to ever do anything about the evil rising in the East. That’s when terrorism & barbarism & […]

Inception 1

Trying to save humanity from science again

I watched this movie because I read Ashok’s review. Once you find my review said to you about what it can say, go read his more insightful notes. They might start you on your way. The movie understates the things he notices. Why are these unobvious things […]

The Dark Knight Rises

A note on chaos & law, continued

A doctor in a jail teaches Bruce Wayne that man will bear defeat easily if he fears death, which supplies strength when nobility would fain desist. Defeated, his body broken, his enemy has brought the shadows back to the city to prove that chaos & oblivion are […]


Some advice for those who consider a life of crime

We suspect that Guy Ritchie’s comedies are meant to teach the audience a lesson they wouldn’t want to learn. The protagonists are usually entertaining fellows – confident, humorous, attractive. Nevertheless, they rarely succeed, never easily or to great advantage. Admittedly, the stories are not […]


Some notes on men & war

This is the story of two brothers who fought each other in the cage. As boys, they were high-school wrestlers. Their father, a veteran whose mind failed him, beat his family. The boys became harsh; they ran. One lived with their mother & saw her ghastly end. The […]

This means war

Some notes on woman’s love

This is the story of a girl who gets everything that life in the big city can give a woman. She has style, a prestigious job, & her pick of the male population. She once lived in Atlanta, Georgia, still looks Southern, but lost the accent.

She goes with […]