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Good will hunting

This is the movie that won Robin Williams the Oscar. Like long ago happened, the Oscar went to the man who saves America. This is not common practice anymore…

If you want to understand the story, just think of Will Hunting as a madman in the making, a man whose great talents & great […]

The Avengers

Marching under the Stars & Stripes

Midway through the first attack on our planet, the arguably evil Loki, a sort of god with mischief on his mind, tells Nick Fury that the problem with human beings is their insistence on freedom. Fury lives up to his name & disagrees. He organizes a band of […]

The Hunt for Red October 1

The Americans & the Soviets

Cold War thrillers reveal secrets, above all that the Cold War was not a war. Spies fought; black ops. The American military was not asked to sacrifice for God & country. The private war must therefore reveal to us the men’s virtues & problems. We see the death & […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Courage on the high seas

The Dead Man’s chest hides the devil’s beating heart. Jack Sparrow wants to find it. The devil is coming for him & there literally will be hell to pay. Jack Sparrow, we learn, knew both the devil & a witch, & made deals with both. Jack Sparrow loves the […]


On the education of princes

This is the story of the Norse god of thunder. Here, he is a young man preparing to be crowned heir to his kingly father. Thor is led by his anger, apparently because he is the very exemplar of the manly man. This showcases a strange thing about courage […]