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A view of a man who has war in his soul

This is a talented actor-director team. It is difficult to say what their future is or whether they will have any influence. The movies has been a success, but that may be as much because of the fantasy as for the movie’s harsher, […]

Judge Dredd

A note about the just man

Judge Dredd is a great believer in the law. He lives in a world where the difference between life & death is easy to understand. Who obeys the laws is not killed by the judges. But what about those killed otherwise? What justice do they get? Dredd is […]

Rocky 1

The curse of individualism

Rocky is first of all a movie for men. But it shows their neediness. Men need to be free, famous, & gentled. Thus are they made; or broken. Freedom is citizenship. Fame is the prize of those who benefit their city. Of course, men hate showing neediness. They are therefore […]

Rambo 1

The city & the man of war

Rambo is walking through the Pacific Northwest. Without the city, he asks a woman about a man, her son, his fellow soldier. He shows her a picture from Vietnam. The man died of cancer, without glory, relief, or consolation. His country used him & abandoned him. From […]

The expendables 1

Men & poets Some notes on the necessity & difficulty of telling stories about war & justice in our times

Sylvester Stallone has endeavored to bring back all the action stars, gracing them in the process with a memorable appearance. Men die, being mortal, when their bodies die. Heroes die only when they are […]