Table of contents

The right stuff

Memories of the last age when manliness was a thing of pride in America

This is the only Tom Wolfe book made into a movie. It is a story about the confidence & daring of American men in the age when America first acquired the confidence of the most powerful republic in history. This […]

Midnight special

On angels & Americans

Roy has stolen his son Alton from the cult where he had allowed the boy to be raised. Roy has come to think that he knows better than the cult leader what to do about his son’s unnatural powers. The FBI attacks the cult, in search of the boy, whose […]


Men without families A note on how a man is split in two

Neckbone & Ellis run into Mud on a deserted island on the Mississippi. He says they remind him of him. This turns out to mean, they look lost. Is that how freedom comes to sight? They seem to strike a deal […]

Black hawk down

A new look at the white man’s burden A look at the few men facing the coming chaos

If you remember the Clinton years, you might rethink that peace–maybe Mr. Clinton was too much of a coward to ever do anything about the evil rising in the East. That’s when terrorism & barbarism & […]

Safe House

Power & morality

An expert spy who betrayed America is captured, but by an unfortunate series of accidents, ends up in the hands of a new CIA agent, a Yale man at that, who has never faced danger. The spy is black just as sure as the agent is white; they’re in South Africa. […]