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On the birth of new gods

Deadpool recalls Guardians of the galaxy in that it’s part of Marvel‘s appeal to young people as loners. The protagonists are orphans; creatures without family; victims of the world of men. Deadpool is the most violent of the Marvel heroes & he is here to introduce the worldwide […]

Safe House

Power & morality

An expert spy who betrayed America is captured, but by an unfortunate series of accidents, ends up in the hands of a new CIA agent, a Yale man at that, who has never faced danger. The spy is black just as sure as the agent is white; they’re in South Africa. […]

Van Wilder

Sex & school

Infamous college movies appeared in the seventies & have since refused to disappear. – Nor will they anytime soon, despite all decency… They thrust forward the passionate nature of American youths. & yet these stories have a moral ending: Punishing outrages against democracy.

At the end, all the students come together […]

The Proposal

How to solve people’s problems by marrying them

In a NYC corporation, a servant boy & his boss are to marry. He does his job, but resents her bitchiness. Apparently, he cannot suppose he deserves what he desires. – He admits both his ambition & his boss’s excellence. You might say, therefore: he wants […]

Green Lantern

Political courage

In this story, fear is the color yellow. Not cowards: fear itself, or the fearful things. Green is the color of the willful. Indeed, all that lives will live. We are told will is cosmic power. Channeling it is justice, not some Nietzschean cosmic tyranny, because the powerful do not get to […]