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Some notes on the martial art & politics

Mike Terry is a man who has learned to live with people’s fears. He is a teacher of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He always tells students, there is no situation you cannot escape. You escape by turning a disadvantage into an advantage. You learn about motion. It is […]


If I do not stand for myself, then who will stand for me?

This is the story of a Jew, a policeman, who learns about evil & shame. This is pre-Giuliani New York: Black men run the city; they humiliate the Jew. His Gentile partner, however, is always there, has his back. The policemen […]

The Unit I.1-5

An introduction to the War on Terror

This story means to teach Americans &, by extension, democrats, what men wage war & in what way. Each episode is a mission, showing the protagonists’ knack for survival. But the there is never a happy end. So we will look at the meaning of the failures, […]

The Winslow boy

A quiet drama about the possibility of doing what’s right Some notes on the political inheritance of our democracy

The Winslow boy comes home, scared, in hiding, telling the womenfolk he has been expelled from the navy school–accused & convicted of forgery & theft. He is afraid of his old father, who nevertheless learns […]

Heist 1

Joe Moore: Anybody can get the goods. The hard part’s getting away.

Joe is an old thief–he lives on his ability, but there’s no pension in the life of crime. Nobody goes around saying, nice work, if you can get it. The end is near & it ain’t pretty. It hardly matters whether you’re […]

The Spanish prisoner 1

The problem with knowing secrets

What if middle class success in the modern technological world, so full of knowledge & opportunity, were to depend on who you are & what you can do rather than on our world as we know it? What if you were the guy you read about in some shocking […]

State & Main

He, as I guess, had gazed on nature’s naked loveliness…

Here’s a story that reassures folks, the people who make movies are heartless jobbers like the rest of you! There’s the soon-to-be-over-the-hill star who is everywhere corrupted, to say nothing worse, by bright young things. There’s the sooner-yet-to-be-over-the-hill starlet who has finally decided she […]