Table of contents

Noah 1

On the problem of thinking of a silent creator

Maybe people in the story refer to the Creator because they do not know God. Maybe all they know is – there was a beginning. This they know from tales. Why would these stories emerge or survive? Because the things humans come to know are […]

Edge of darkness

On the possibility of just war

Two policemen tell Craven their wives would like to help. He has no wife; his daughter also had left him. About himself, he says he had never done enough to have enemies. The dead activists have families wanting answers. The traitor cop explains himself citing the wife & […]

The Departed

On retributive justice

This is the story of two young men who grow up in Boston to become policemen. They confront each other, one as a spy for a criminal, the other as an undercover agent infiltrating the criminal organization.

The undercover cop is Billy Costigan. His father’s family were hardened criminals, already the […]

London Boulevard

A tragedy about love & justice

Colin Farrell gets out of jail. No surprise there. A bum, his only friend, asks, did they hurt him? He says, nothing that meets the eye. The old man says they hurt him. The man answers, he knows. Our man has on a good suit. He gives the […]


On making & making images

This is a story about the origins of cinema. The inventor of the movies says he did not invent them. That the first invention of the movies was a mere entertainment, a novelty to thrill people. He himself brought the second invention of the movies. He is a peculiar […]


Laughing the Western to death

The lizard is wandering through the desert, not knowing whether he is ready to die, mumbling to himself, in a daze: Four score & seven years ago, our fathers brought forth into this land… Soon enough, he has to run from an eagle. He survives somehow, but he gets […]