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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Some notes on a commonsensical view of justice

The end of the story suggests happy ends are as good as resurrection. Maybe comedy replaces religion. How to demote death, though? Comedy is not serious about anything, not even death. Comedy might even make fun of Abraham Lincoln. Comedy might even disbelieve in a new […]

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Some possibilities of the executive power after the Cold War

Nuclear warfare is not the sort of thing that goes away. Mission impossible stories took their time to get to this old Cold War favorite–spy stories are strangely inclined to returned to their Cold War origins, it seems…–but they have come around to the […]

Source Code

Of man & his country

This is the movie about American optimism. Americans can die several deaths for the sake of getting what they want. In an unusual, a bold, & an intriguing move, this latest Hollywood hero is actually a hero. A war hero, a man who fought for his country in Afghanistan. […]

The Bourne Supremacy

Out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword

This time, Bourne attempts to live the private life. He has found a woman who loves him & whom he loves. He has learnt, apparently, not to be curious. He flees to another continent. So long as nobody knows him, he does not mind not […]

Due date

The passion of the middle class

Robert Downey Jr. is back, half his talent with him, but not the funny half. This humorless comedy’s funniest scene has Downey punch a kid in the gut – wouldn’t we all? He also spits at a dog. Here’s the new upper middle-class newlywed, away from the life […]