Table of contents

Shotgun stories

On anguished manliness

Son is told by his mother that his father is dead. She’s not attending his funeral–the new wife & family claim the right to lay him to rest. Son & his brothers do attend: They deny the man has a right to rest in death. Funeral beautifies too ugly a life: […]

Take shelter

Can a man be a witness to the end of the world?

Curtis is a construction worker; he has a wife, Samantha, who takes care of their daughter, Hannah, who is deaf & has to be taught sign language, which they must also learn, & who needs rare medical care. Curtis leads a small […]

Midnight special

On angels & Americans

Roy has stolen his son Alton from the cult where he had allowed the boy to be raised. Roy has come to think that he knows better than the cult leader what to do about his son’s unnatural powers. The FBI attacks the cult, in search of the boy, whose […]


Men without families A note on how a man is split in two

Neckbone & Ellis run into Mud on a deserted island on the Mississippi. He says they remind him of him. This turns out to mean, they look lost. Is that how freedom comes to sight? They seem to strike a deal […]

Man of Steel

A note on the relation between power & the human being

The few who see Superman throughout the story seem to agree he indeed cannot become known, or else mankind will change. This would seem to confirm what his father said of him – for humans, he would be a god – though, not […]

Jonah Hex

Some notes on soul & freedom

At the end of the Civil War, what it was to be American was decided. The North won – citizenship in the republic won. This bloodiest of American wars, somewhat like that most dangerous war of 1776, is not a subject of movies in America. How could the […]