Table of contents

Interstellar 1

A story about how heroism means caring about what’s good for people Some notes on the relation between manliness & hope, & how science might be compatible with piety

Sci-fi stories are imaginations about the future of mankind, whether good or bad. – Survival vs. destruction. Happy end or not. Hope vs. despair or […]

Inception 1

The problem with freedom is innovation Trying to save humanity from science again

This story is about our future, when corporations take over everything. Without much talk of productivity & its problems, the story implies technology has taken over our lives. Hence, the creative people have turned to crime & to dream, as opposed […]

Children of men

On the abiding hopelessness

In the near future, all women will have become infertile. This was not immediately obvious, but once it became likely, even inevitable, it seems to have become the fate of modern man. Soon, an insanity worse than barbarism descended upon mankind; many countries were reduced; those that survived were transformed […]

Batman Begins

A note on fear & justice

Everyone who knows this story knows that Batman fights evil men & that Bruce Wayne is afraid of bats. The two things seem completely unrelated. Bruce Wayne’s father tries to explain to the boy that the bats attacked him because they were afraid: All creatures are afraid. Aggression […]

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Science & mystery for boys

This is the story of a boy who receives a secret, encoded radio signal, breaks into a NASA lab, & gets into a scuffle with the police over joyriding & crashing a car into someone’s pool. That’s just a Friday night. In a week, he discovers Atlantis, escapes its […]

Noises off…

The hard work of the god of love Some notes on the double meaning of action

A theater troupe trying to stage a sex farce faces unbearable troubles in the Midwest. The better actors cannot remember their lines & cues; the worse actors can; & the director is losing the little patience left to […]