Table of contents

Lone survivor

War as it emerges in noble defeat Operation Red Wings. 4 men of SEAL Team 10 were sent on June 28, 2005 to kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah

This is the true story of a special forces mission that took place in Afghanistan. A long story of suffering, blood, & loss. It is fitting […]

The Departed

On retributive justice

This is the story of two young men who grow up in Boston to become policemen. They confront each other, one as a spy for a criminal, the other as an undercover agent infiltrating the criminal organization.

The undercover cop is Billy Costigan. His father’s family were hardened criminals, already the […]


A note on the animal spirit

A boy wishes his teddy bear would come to life. The bear obliges him lovingly &, animated, becomes his lifelong best friend. His father is terrified & shouts for his gun; the mother calls it a miracle. Comparing a talking bear to Christ suggests religion has degenerated somewhat. […]

The Fighter

Manliness & the problem of family

Contemporary America is a bad time for aspiring white boxers. Irish Micky knows this. He is ashamed both because he dislikes his family & because they abuse him. Filial piety & justice conflict. Foremost, he lacks confidence, not skill.

This recalls Rocky: America’s predicament is a loss of […]

The other guys 1

Manliness in the democracy

Real men look like The Rock – a wrestler. They are colored, which is – pace my Viking readers – pretty manly: A life lived in the harsh sun, in nature. Now The Rock is a pretty suggestive name & the man must be 6’2” & well over 220lbs. The […]