Table of contents

As tears go by

A note on the possibility that honor defends humanity

The opening of the film sets up a conflict between man & family. The man himself sleeps days, works nights, which suggests a connection between independence & crime. He comes from a family: Some woman in the family asks him to give shelter to a […]

Ashes of Time

On memory as punishment

This is the story of a swordsman who sells vengeance. This is an ugly version of a go-between. People remember things that poison them & rather than cleanse themselves, they impiously want to poison others. Our man is strikingly rational – he puts a price on vengeance, but this only […]

Hero 1

On heroism & sacrifice

A man who says he is nameless enters the court of the Qin Emperor in order to gain the rewards of his extraordinary exploits: He has defeated & killed the three most dangerous warriors in the seven kingdoms. People like them, we are given to understand, prevent the unification of […]

Days of being wild

A note on love & fickleness

Our protagonist says: There is a bird without legs, born in flight, that lands only when it dies. It seems, Love is the awareness of being in love, or having fallen in love, or not being in control of oneself anymore. But love is also thereafter the awareness […]

In the mood for love

A story about love with shame

I will have to say in the following notes certain things that I would rather not say. They may hurt sensitive readers & I would rather follow my inclination & avoid that. However, it may suffice to say here that these are exaggerations required by the understatements of […]