Table of contents

Batman Begins

A note on fear & justice

Everyone who knows this story knows that Batman fights evil men & that Bruce Wayne is afraid of bats. The two things seem completely unrelated. Bruce Wayne’s father tries to explain to the boy that the bats attacked him because they were afraid: All creatures are afraid. Aggression […]

Schindler’s list 1

Some notes on prudence

Oskar Schindler could not have been both a good man & a good citizen, Spielberg suggests. He finally chose to be a good man who started by acting for his own advantage. He understood his good differently than did the Nazi regime. Apparently, he judged independently even of the political […]


Rough strife & gentle love

Liam Neeson plays an American spy-assassin whose daughter is kidnapped. Never the bleeding-heart liberal, he starts his own war to get her back. He tells the kidnappers merely this: I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t let my daughter go, I will find you & kill […]


Pretending to fight the good fight

I return to Liam Neeson. I have reviewed one of his best films, The A-Team, where he plays a soldier called Hannibal. His unusual patriarchal voice is the crux in another set of movies I have reviewed, The Chronicles of Narnia. & for those of you who have […]

The A-Team 1

Some notes on warlike men

We begin with four men who will show us the great pleasures of war & their apparent divine sanction. These warriors emerge alive from disasters they encounter or provoke, therefore the prospect of their deaths offers us a glimpse of the shape of immortals. Their courage & their survival […]