Table of contents

Inception 1

Trying to save humanity from science again

I watched this movie because I read Ashok’s review. Once you find my review said to you about what it can say, go read his more insightful notes. They might start you on your way. The movie understates the things he notices. Why are these unobvious things […]

Wolf of Wall St. 1

A note on what we have to learn through punishment

A friend has asked me recently about this film. I hesitated to write about it, because of the extreme malignity of the times – this economic crisis, which has hurt untold millions has persuaded many popular speakers that the way we live our lives […]

The Great Gatsby (2013)

A few observations on eternity as revealed by love

A man falls in love with a woman. He feels he cannot offer her the kind of life that love deserves, or requires. He realizes that America is a place where the poor can become rich, but that this they must in secret, the more […]

The Departed

On retributive justice

This is the story of two young men who grow up in Boston to become policemen. They confront each other, one as a spy for a criminal, the other as an undercover agent infiltrating the criminal organization.

The undercover cop is Billy Costigan. His father’s family were hardened criminals, already the […]

Django unchained

A note on pride & slaughter

This is the story of a young black slave whose freedom is brought by a wandering German bounty hunter. Now free, Django wants one thing, to find & free his wife. Django agrees to help the bounty hunter in return for his freedom; he also agrees that the […]