Table of contents

Inception 1

The problem with freedom is innovation Trying to save humanity from science again

This story is about our future, when corporations take over everything. Without much talk of productivity & its problems, the story implies technology has taken over our lives. Hence, the creative people have turned to crime & to dream, as opposed […]

Wolf of Wall St. 1

A note on what we have to learn through punishment

A friend has asked me recently about this film. I hesitated to write about it, because of the extreme malignity of the times – this economic crisis, which has hurt untold millions has persuaded many popular speakers that the way we live our lives […]

The Great Gatsby (2013)

A few observations on eternity as revealed by love

A man falls in love with a woman. He feels he cannot offer her the kind of life that love deserves, or requires. He realizes that America is a place where the poor can become rich, but that this they must in secret, the more […]

The Departed

On retributive justice

This is the story of two young men who grow up in Boston to become policemen. They confront each other, one as a spy for a criminal, the other as an undercover agent infiltrating the criminal organization.

The undercover cop is Billy Costigan. His father’s family were hardened criminals, already the […]

Django unchained

A note on pride & slaughter

This is the story of a young black slave whose freedom is brought by a wandering German bounty hunter. Now free, Django wants one thing, to find & free his wife. Django agrees to help the bounty hunter in return for his freedom; he also agrees that the […]