Table of contents

The Grand Budapest Hotel

A look at the world when it was brilliant Some notes on the death of Old Europe

This was a kingdom of glory. It was splendid. Beauty mattered; manners mattered more than mores – neither matters much these days. People who think skyscrapers beautiful could not look back to the happy age before the […]


On living dangerously

This is the story of Jerome Eugene Morrow, who is & is not who he is. He was born a perfect specimen, replete with all that genetic engineering could offer. The first time he failed at something, he tried to commit suicide, which left him crippled. He then sold his name […]

My Blueberry Nights

On the dangers of love

In the South, our protagonist, Lizzy, meets Arnie, a drunkard. She tends bar nights, both observer & accomplice. Days, she waits tables; she learns Arnie is a cop. He says it had been his last day of drinking; he also shows her his many sobriety chips; he’s often quit […]

Rise of the Guardians

A note on wonder

As fear is to wonder, so also there are Dark Ages opposed to other ages, which we may call Enlightened. Pitch, the boogieman himself, tells of these things. He wants power again; he might think, people being ungrateful, fear is preferable for rule: For people love you at their whim, […]

Sherlock Holmes

The detective as just man

Sherlock Holmes has become salacious. Sexual innuendo & casual vulgarity are added to what was supposed to be a gentleman. Nevertheless, at the end, he refuses to go with the woman. He has chased her throughout, finally catching her. He is aware of her charms, but her fate is […]


On making & making images

This is a story about the origins of cinema. The inventor of the movies says he did not invent them. That the first invention of the movies was a mere entertainment, a novelty to thrill people. He himself brought the second invention of the movies. He is a peculiar […]