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Hail, Caesar!

The fifties revisited, or What faith was the country keeping?

Americans have a certain loyalty to the fifties, mostly on partisan lines. The left loves the unions & such; the right loves the mores & civil peace. Maybe the age should be compared for better & worse to the Victorian age. This story shows […]

Sicario 1

Politics & time Some notes on justice & facing the dead

America is such a paradise, women lead some of those police teams dressed in armor who play soldier & kick in doors. Kate Macer is such a woman, strikingly pretty & with a softness about her that makes you wonder why she would […]

Men in Black 3

What it is that men who take responsibility for their countrymen have to face

You might laugh, but this story suggests baseball is a good way to begin to learn what makes us human. There is a creature here, utterly benign, which considers all possibilities within an ever-elusive reality. It barely distinguishes what really […]

True Grit (2010)

The dim twilight of heroes

Young Mattie Ross asks: Who is the best marshal? Bill Waters is the best tracker. He’s part Comanche. The meanest is Rooster Cogburn; a pitiless man, double tough. Fear don’t enter into his thinking. I’d have to say the fairest is L.T. Quinn; he always brings in his prisoners […]

Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps

Further notes on acquisition

Gekko’s daughter is to marry a Wall St youngblood. She apparently admires the father she hates… Love dims her wits. He loves money, finery, & women of negotiable affection. She is good: She hates everything to do with money. She runs a lefty website, speaking truth to power, a job […]