Table of contents

Inception 1

Trying to save humanity from science again

I watched this movie because I read Ashok’s review. Once you find my review said to you about what it can say, go read his more insightful notes. They might start you on your way. The movie understates the things he notices. Why are these unobvious things […]

Lincoln 1

Ecce homo

Spielberg has attempted to return Lincoln to the people. This old, weak Lincoln, shown enduring his many sufferings, is a fragile man, not a god of war. The people can love & accept him who is so unthreatening. We see several examples of Lincoln’s love of humorous stories – The Great Emancipator […]


A note on family love

When our protagonist has to make his most serious decision, he says: Then, I saw a mother ready to die for her son, a husband ready to kill for his wife. They are not married; they are different families, but they have this much in common, their families are […]

The Dark Knight Rises

A note on chaos & law, continued

A doctor in a jail teaches Bruce Wayne that man will bear defeat easily if he fears death, which supplies strength when nobility would fain desist. Defeated, his body broken, his enemy has brought the shadows back to the city to prove that chaos & oblivion are […]

500 Days of Summer

The fate of the lukewarm

The protagonist is youngish. His handsome face betrays lack of character, so he could pass for a lover. He is never daring. The girl is similarly young. Men love youth, however, & girls’ parents don’t mind anymore. But girls imitate the look & sometimes the habits of women.

She […]