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Hail, Caesar!

The fifties revisited, or What faith was the country keeping?

Americans have a certain loyalty to the fifties, mostly on partisan lines. The left loves the unions & such; the right loves the mores & civil peace. Maybe the age should be compared for better & worse to the Victorian age. This story shows […]

How to train your dragon

A story about the new world

A man sounds like Gerard Butler, our Viking leader. But this is a kids’ comedy, so let us see at what our kids are supposed to laugh.

Our scrawny protagonist sounds boyish, telling us this story about Vikings fighting dragons. But if fighting is not inherently laughable, the […]

Wolf of Wall St. 1

A note on what we have to learn through punishment

A friend has asked me recently about this film. I hesitated to write about it, because of the extreme malignity of the times – this economic crisis, which has hurt untold millions has persuaded many popular speakers that the way we live our lives […]

Django unchained

A note on pride & slaughter

This is the story of a young black slave whose freedom is brought by a wandering German bounty hunter. Now free, Django wants one thing, to find & free his wife. Django agrees to help the bounty hunter in return for his freedom; he also agrees that the […]


Where are all the good guys gone?

Superman used to be the American hero, fighting for justice & the American way. What was is about the man of steel? He was serious, for he fought evil men; he proved that good is stronger than evil, that justice prevails. But he was unassuming, pleased to […]