Table of contents

The Lone Ranger

On the price of doing & knowing justice

Westward expansion is again underway, now the Civil War is over. The two brothers Reid have a disagreement about the requirements of justice. The elder is a Texas Ranger. The younger an Ivy League lawyer returning to Texas as a District Attorney. Their disagreement concerns capital […]

Dark Shadows

Some notes on Tim Burton’s view of America

This is the story of an English family immigrating to America. They thrive on fishing, build a town around themselves, & a manor in which to live. Despite the great success of this solid Gothic foundation, the parents die & the son is sent to the […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl 1

A pirate’s life

We first see Jack Sparrow peering over the horizon from the mast of what turns out to be a sinking boat. He just alights on the pier as it goes under, everyone’s astounded eyes on him. That is Jack Sparrow’s life, with comic brevity. A clerk charges him for mooring the […]


Laughing the Western to death

The lizard is wandering through the desert, not knowing whether he is ready to die, mumbling to himself, in a daze: Four score & seven years ago, our fathers brought forth into this land… Soon enough, he has to run from an eagle. He survives somehow, but he gets […]

The tourist

The love of beautiful women

Johnny Depp reads spy novels. His sense of adventure apparently has no other education. The woman explains to him how he should seduce her. She does not ask him to do it: she assumes he wants to do it. She behaves like a beloved & treats him like a […]

Alice in Wonderland 1

The artist & his muse

Alice is to escape a stuffy Victorian soiree, an engagement to an obnoxious boy, & a life of quiet desperation. This is why she goes to Wonderland. Whatever she sees there, when she comes back, she becomes an adventurous merchant, like her father. It would seem that the South […]