Table of contents

The last boy scout

Some notes on the troublesome business of heroism

This is the story of Joe Hallenbeck, another one of the few men humiliated by the opinion that there are no more heroes. Not for lack of a suburban home, wife, & daughter, he is miserable, an opinion in which his family concur. What a strange […]


Some advice for those who consider a life of crime

We suspect that Guy Ritchie’s comedies are meant to teach the audience a lesson they wouldn’t want to learn. The protagonists are usually entertaining fellows – confident, humorous, attractive. Nevertheless, they rarely succeed, never easily or to great advantage. Admittedly, the stories are not […]

Lethal Weapon

The soldier as policeman

This is the story of two L.A. cops. One is black, a family man of fifty years who lives in a suburban house with a garden. He is getting too old for this work. The other is white, in his thirties, he once was married, but now lives alone, widowed, […]

Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows

Trying to save mankind

The Great War is coming: Industrial-scale warfare & the massacres that led to the destruction of Europe. The ideology of progress is dying. But of course we know how this story ends. This is then the story of the failure of the greatest detective to prevent the greatest evil. First, […]

Die Hard 2

On prudence

Evil is introduced in an unusual manner, in the character of Alan Rickman, a German terrorist. This is an obvious mistake: Americans do not fear & have nothing to fear from German international terrorists, who do not exist. Muslim terrorists are the devil we fear, but they would not serve this story.



Man & the forest

A half-dozen football-field Americans descend into the forests south of the border, where America is lawless. They are warriors, trained for special operations. We take for granted that men war for country & glory – without patriotism, we would perish quickly. Surprisingly, some men wage war anonymously. But then their […]