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Take shelter

Can a man be a witness to the end of the world?

Curtis is a construction worker; he has a wife, Samantha, who takes care of their daughter, Hannah, who is deaf & has to be taught sign language, which they must also learn, & who needs rare medical care. Curtis leads a small […]

The Martian

The present & future of heroism

An astronaut on a mission gets stranded after a completely ludicrous accident meant to scare an audience so badly educated that they do not know what all astronauts would know, & any schoolkid could know before he turns ten. Science stories have a strange notion of poetic rhetoric: […]

Interstellar 1

A story about how heroism means caring about what’s good for people Some notes on the relation between manliness & hope, & how science might be compatible with piety

Sci-fi stories are imaginations about the future of mankind, whether good or bad. – Survival vs. destruction. Happy end or not. Hope vs. despair or […]

Zero Dark Thirty

A note on the ugliness of war

The people working for the politicians sound like cowards trying to avoid responsibility. They cannot understand much about war or espionage. Their expertise, or the extraordinary efficiency of the political system, ensures that the story of the hunt for bin Laden does not involve politics. We hear […]

Madagascar 3

At the circus

This is perhaps the most interesting story of the three that bear the name Madagascar. By now, only the lascivious lemurs who take an amusing liking to pop music are left to remind us of the title. This time, the animals escape Africa, going through Monte Carlo, Rome, & London, on […]