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Pacific Rim

A note on being together for war

To fight monsters, we created monsters of our own. The monsters mankind faces are akin to dinosaurs, but much bigger & better able to fight. Apex predators do not fight each other as a rule, but they do now. Mankind tentatively unites in building enormous robots to […]


Some advice for those who consider a life of crime

We suspect that Guy Ritchie’s comedies are meant to teach the audience a lesson they wouldn’t want to learn. The protagonists are usually entertaining fellows – confident, humorous, attractive. Nevertheless, they rarely succeed, never easily or to great advantage. Admittedly, the stories are not […]


On life & technology

The starship Prometheus, carrying a scientific expedition, arrives at a planet the scientists onboard hypothesize is the place of origin of life on earth. On that planet, remarkably similar to our own, they find the most advanced civilization they could imagine, apparently extinct. It is strange to consider an intelligent […]

The Wire I.1

On the just

In the opening scene, a cop & a criminal are talking about a corpse. Neither seems to know who murdered the man. Neither wanted nor expected him dead. The criminal says he had a contemptible nickname & that every Friday he’d shoot crap with the rest of the gang, lose, & […]


On the education of princes

This is the story of the Norse god of thunder. Here, he is a young man preparing to be crowned heir to his kingly father. Thor is led by his anger, apparently because he is the very exemplar of the manly man. This showcases a strange thing about courage […]