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Fight club

A self-help guide for the godless

This is a movie for people educated enough to know that turning human fat into soap is talking about the Nazis. So the reader must decide whether the story teaches you how to be the only worthwhile fascist, the successful fascist – because it has become the only […]

Les miserables

Victor Hugo on revolution & religion

This is the story of Jean Valjean, hunted nearly unto destruction by the lawman Javert. Valjean was jailed for stealing a bread-loaf for a starving child; & then for attempting escape. Upon release, he is now one of the cursed – the touch of the law is indelible. […]

Dark Shadows

Some notes on Tim Burton’s view of America

This is the story of an English family immigrating to America. They thrive on fishing, build a town around themselves, & a manor in which to live. Despite the great success of this solid Gothic foundation, the parents die & the son is sent to the […]

The king’s speech

What’s left of what once was

This was the Oscar movie of the year. It may well have deserved winning over its competition. It certainly says unusually much about Hollywood. Finally, I write about this prompted by my most decent friends, who were touched or endeared by this movie.

But as for my audience, […]

Alice in Wonderland 1

The artist & his muse

Alice is to escape a stuffy Victorian soiree, an engagement to an obnoxious boy, & a life of quiet desperation. This is why she goes to Wonderland. Whatever she sees there, when she comes back, she becomes an adventurous merchant, like her father. It would seem that the South […]