Table of contents

Get the gringo

Some notes on justice & freedom

A heist gone wrong forces two mechanics across the border. The Mexicans see money; so they keep them. Maybe they look like clowns because dedication to making money is contemptible. Nevertheless, Driver’s ruthlessness has not prepared him for what he sees in Mexico. El Pueblito is a prison […]

Edge of darkness

On the possibility of just war

Two policemen tell Craven their wives would like to help. He has no wife; his daughter also had left him. About himself, he says he had never done enough to have enemies. The dead activists have families wanting answers. The traitor cop explains himself citing the wife & […]


On how to make crime pay

This is the original anti-hero story. Porter is returning to NYC. He was betrayed by his wife, whom he seems to have trusted, although he is a criminal; she maybe was jealous. Another mechanic also betrays him, but mechanics do not trust each other… They left him for […]

Lethal Weapon

The soldier as policeman

This is the story of two L.A. cops. One is black, a family man of fifty years who lives in a suburban house with a garden. He is getting too old for this work. The other is white, in his thirties, he once was married, but now lives alone, widowed, […]

Mad Max

Some notes on ghosts

This is a story of what man might look like at the end of the world. The first two things we see in this picture that we would not usually see in our world are sex in public & lawless gangs. We are given to understand that public things & […]

We were soldiers 1

On the moral basis of American war

This is the story of the first major battle of the Vietnam War, fought in the valley of the Drang River. Heavily outnumbered American air cavalry defended themselves for two days in face of vastly more numerous Vietnamese forces attacking from three sides.

The colonel who led […]

What Women Want 1

On money & sex

This is the story of an adult woman who takes over an advertising agency’s creative team in order to advertise properly to women. She seems the pinnacle of virtue. Her great success is a sportswear campaign offering women men’s carelessness in pursuit of manly play. Apparently, conventions of modesty & […]

The Passion of the Christ

Some notes on divine justice

I recommend The Passion of the Christ to the people whenever someone asks my opinion, because it showcases the suffering of Christ. This most obvious & most neglected evidence for Christ’s divinity seems to be best understood by Catholic: The divine requirement for suffering – briefly, but excruciatingly – […]