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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Some notes on a commonsensical view of justice

The end of the story suggests happy ends are as good as resurrection. Maybe comedy replaces religion. How to demote death, though? Comedy is not serious about anything, not even death. Comedy might even make fun of Abraham Lincoln. Comedy might even disbelieve in a new […]

The Avengers

Marching under the Stars & Stripes

Midway through the first attack on our planet, the arguably evil Loki, a sort of god with mischief on his mind, tells Nick Fury that the problem with human beings is their insistence on freedom. Fury lives up to his name & disagrees. He organizes a band of […]

Iron man

The liberal as patriot

Tony Stark is a weapon-maker for the US army. When he visits Afghanistan to show off his latest missile, he witnesses the strange predicament of American war. On the one hand, extraordinary weaponry, which he professes he is inclined to use, like his father before him. (The fantasy of a […]

Sherlock Holmes

The detective as just man

Sherlock Holmes has become salacious. Sexual innuendo & casual vulgarity are added to what was supposed to be a gentleman. Nevertheless, at the end, he refuses to go with the woman. He has chased her throughout, finally catching her. He is aware of her charms, but her fate is […]

Due date

The passion of the middle class

Robert Downey Jr. is back, half his talent with him, but not the funny half. This humorless comedy’s funniest scene has Downey punch a kid in the gut – wouldn’t we all? He also spits at a dog. Here’s the new upper middle-class newlywed, away from the life […]