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How Bond learned the democratic world order is really shaky Some notes on retrieving the blindness of heroism

So the problem with the plot of SPECTRE, everyone says, is, the bad guys make no sense. Why is the institutional enemy of the 007 spy program the new surveillance state where everything, every detail of […]

Casino Royale

The makings of a spy

James Bond is an ambitious man, enjoys luxury, & is extremely erotic. The latter would seem to describe a woman; the former – emphatically not. This opposition perhaps explains the attractions of the life of the spy for Bond. What other ways of life would satisfy him? His eroticism […]

The Adventures of Tintin

The young man’s education

Steven Spielberg has come back to directing. But movies go forward, & so now he makes 3d-movies, like James Cameron already has, like Martin Scorsese soon will. It is fitting that his film should be the adventure of a dashing boy, who beats people up who want to fight him, […]

Cowboys & Aliens

Shoot first

The preacher looks the saloon-keeper in the eye & offers him friendly advice: get yourself a gun; learn how to use it. That’s the Old West, put briefly. Then he teaches him. He tells him God wants him to mind his business. People are practical here, not even talk of demons lasts […]


Fighting the good fight

We are used to seeing Ghetto Jews in WWII films – defenseless, tyrannized, murdered. For once, we see wild Jews, peasants fighting in a forest camp, trying to survive between Nazis & Soviets on the Eastern Front.

In the camp, a socialist intellectual is quarreling with a kind of Rabbi. […]