Table of contents

Edge of tomorrow 1

On love & strife

A man who got into war because his P.R. business failed – presumably, because war made people less interested in lies – finds himself thrown into the frontlines when he threatens a general’s reputation. We are moving from speeches to deeds, from the images of things to the things. Soldiers […]

Jack Reacher

On the life of the most just man, & concerning whether it is desirable

Jack Reacher was once an agent of the laws. It was his duty to do justice by investigating allegations of crime in a war zone. He sees there some criminal destroying other, worse criminals accidentally. It is easier to see […]


On a failed conspiracy

We are surprised by the thought that there was only one attempt on the life of Adolf Hitler. That tyrant made himself hated among that class most likely to create assassins, the notables. They started by viewing the man with contempt, learning by degrees fear & therefore hatred. The notables […]

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Some possibilities of the executive power after the Cold War

Nuclear warfare is not the sort of thing that goes away. Mission impossible stories took their time to get to this old Cold War favorite–spy stories are strangely inclined to returned to their Cold War origins, it seems…–but they have come around to the […]


Some notes on war, warriors, & their education

A gang of thieves confront the cadets at a military school on a celebration night, as the formally uniformed boys welcome girls to a party. The hooligans call the cadets Nazis & attack them. The cadets defend themselves; they are unimpressive fighters; likely, they fight for […]

Knight & Day 1

On love of action & beautiful actors

Tom Cruise is some kind of spy, or secret agent. His designs are unclear, but it gradually emerges he is in control of a highly volatile situation. As people start violently dying, a plane crashes, & a highway chase smashes about a dozen cars, we struggle to […]