Table of contents

The nice guys

The confusions of American freedom

A strange hippie girl, Amelia, brings together, unwittingly, two losers, Jackson Healy & Holland March. Healy beats people up if they make trouble for other people. His job is a necessary correction to American freedom. He has an immediate experience of the shockingly immoral character of eroticism: He wastes […]

Noah 1

On the problem of thinking of a silent creator

Maybe people in the story refer to the Creator because they do not know God. Maybe all they know is – there was a beginning. This they know from tales. Why would these stories emerge or survive? Because the things humans come to know are […]

Master & Commander

On the vindication of glory & empire

This is the story of British Captain Jack Aubrey & the last age of glorious naval warfare. A foreign story, of wars older than the Great War, of the war which prepared the imperial age, which only the English seems to enjoy anymore. Consider another captain from […]

Man of Steel

A note on the relation between power & the human being

The few who see Superman throughout the story seem to agree he indeed cannot become known, or else mankind will change. This would seem to confirm what his father said of him – for humans, he would be a god – though, not […]

Les miserables

Victor Hugo on revolution & religion

This is the story of Jean Valjean, hunted nearly unto destruction by the lawman Javert. Valjean was jailed for stealing a bread-loaf for a starving child; & then for attempting escape. Upon release, he is now one of the cursed – the touch of the law is indelible. […]

The next three days

American Self-hatred

Russell Crowe plays an intellectual, a professor of literature, a gentle husband & father. Then his wife is accused of murder, loses a trial & an appeal, & the family is destroyed. Of course, he believes in her innocence. His lawyer does not. We stand with our hero.

Setting in motion, he […]

Robin Hood 1

Robin Hood & the Plantagenet Wars

Russell Crowe, this generation’s man in arms, is back at the work he does best. Events again force him into murder, war, & politics. He must unhesitatingly lead men who hesitate; he must tell them what to believe to fight; & he must endure everything leading to victory. […]