Table of contents

The assassin

Yinniang, for whom the story is titled, was brought up to be an assassin in the service of the people who hold state in China. She kills without feeling a man she is told has murdered his own brother & father in order to acquire state in some province. She is then required to […]

Happy together

On love as an abandonment of family & the familiar

Lai Yiu-fai is the lover of Ho Po-Wing. He narrates their story. He says they have been together for a while, but they always break up – whenever Po-wing wants to start being together again, they do. Yiu-fai seems slavish in his obedience, but […]


A story about shameless love

I have previously had to say untoward things in defense of the honor of a woman in love. As unpleasant as that was, so pleasant it is now to dwell on the man who assaulted her honor, to detail his crimes & formulate his indictment. He is the first […]

The Grandmaster 1

On motion & essence

This is a strange story, & not at all straightforward, so it would help to try to understand it by its political context. Now, the 20th century in China was more or less a long series of internal wars & then the Communist tyranny. Our story moves from the ‘30s […]

Red Cliff 1

The princes & captains go to war

This is the story of a war fought in China some two thousand years ago. A dynasty is falling apart; the country is divided between princes competing for survival. Massive armies, scarring the land, are moving toward the Red Cliffs. Many historical dramas concern the unification of […]