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Mr. Blandings builds his dream house

On the possibility of grounding domestic happiness in a restless society

A successful man in advertising learns from his wife that their apartment needs redesigning–there are all sorts of practical troubles, & then there is this designer from that party who had these nice ideas. The man will hear nothing of it–there’s nothing wrong […]

Dream wife

On the possibility of acquiring beauty

A successful man looking for a happy marriage to protect him somewhat from the restlessness of American life finds out his comparably successful intended has no interest in making a home for him: She has made a home in the sophisticated work of diplomacy. Feminine virtues are of […]

Every girl should be married

On modern woman’s hard-bought loneliness

This is post-war America, with people returning to their domestic concerns. Young Anabel is complaining that only men get to ask women out, which makes it very difficult for a woman in a hurry to get married. If women are becoming citified, they cannot long endure this situation–living in […]

To catch a thief 1

The trouble with rich people

Rich people attract thieves. Thieves are moved by a popular sentiment–they believe it’s good to be rich, that wealth & happiness are about the same thing. Thieves, unlike most people, are not very sentimental, nor do they have moralistic feelings about laws. Who among us does not believe–the thief […]

The Philadelphia story (1940)

The coming revolution Some notes on the arrival of democracy

Society types Tracy Lord & C.K. Dexter Haven were once the splendid couple everyone wanted to see. They very privately married, quarreled, & divorced. Now, she is making a rather more historical marriage, to man of the people George Kittridge. He wants the people […]

Holiday (1938)

A look at the man of the future It goes without saying, this is a modern holiday–a godless celebration of man’s pleasant possibilities

Katharine Hepburn overacts–I am unpleasantly surprised to see director George Cukor, a man of sense & taste, allow it. I find the denouement implausible, which is not to say that it […]