Table of contents

The last boy scout

Some notes on the troublesome business of heroism

This is the story of Joe Hallenbeck, another one of the few men humiliated by the opinion that there are no more heroes. Not for lack of a suburban home, wife, & daughter, he is miserable, an opinion in which his family concur. What a strange […]


A note on family love

When our protagonist has to make his most serious decision, he says: Then, I saw a mother ready to die for her son, a husband ready to kill for his wife. They are not married; they are different families, but they have this much in common, their families are […]

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Who are the masters of the universe?

This was the famous novel about New York. The first in a long time to educate one & all, shamelessly, publicly, about the class structure of New York. It shows a city where no one acts for the public good, where great achievements & great suffering define […]

Die Hard 2

On prudence

Evil is introduced in an unusual manner, in the character of Alan Rickman, a German terrorist. This is an obvious mistake: Americans do not fear & have nothing to fear from German international terrorists, who do not exist. Muslim terrorists are the devil we fear, but they would not serve this story.


Red 1

The end of heroic spies

R.E.D. means retired, extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, this pun shan’t catch. Apparently, some young bureaucrat with delusions of efficiency retires men specialized in retiring those with whom the government disagrees, if you follow… Administration vs. the executive does not sound like the fight of the century, but it discloses the […]

The expendables 1

Men & poets Some notes on the necessity & difficulty of telling stories about war & justice in our times

Sylvester Stallone has endeavored to bring back all the action stars, gracing them in the process with a memorable appearance. Men die, being mortal, when their bodies die. Heroes die only when they are […]