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American sniper 1

A note on a story about battleborn freedom The vision of the angel of death

The movies have given us nothing of any importance on the politics or the history of the War on Terror. Now, Clint Eastwood gives us the first good look at the man of war. Chris Kyle is already a […]

Guardians of the galaxy 1

How democracy conquers the universe

I usually try to say something about what makes a movie different to others of its kind, because it takes more attention to detail, less speculation, & rewards two hours of watching something better. This, however, feels like a movie where something happens, then someone explains it, obvious as […]

Silver linings playbook

On the passion of the bourgeoisie

This is the surprise film of the Oscar season. Nominated in all five major categories. Several lesser categories, too. This is a feast of excellence in acting, it would seem. Dear reader, you have already guessed it: It is a film about insane people. If you are paying […]

The Hangover 1

When life gets complicated…

This was the surprise hit of 2009. Cheap, for a Hollywood production, free of studio stars, & boasting an unusual plot. This popularity hides it own causes, unusually. If you see it, you get it; but you cannot then have seen it coming. Had it not been popular, it would […]


Power in the liberal mind

Our protagonist is a writer, concerned with a manifesto about the individual’s plight in the 21st century. How narcissistic… He also mentions a utopian society. How juvenile. First, the girl leaves him. Second, he meets a dealer.

The story seems made for a trailer: it shows he gets everything […]

The A-Team 1

Some notes on warlike men

We begin with four men who will show us the great pleasures of war & their apparent divine sanction. These warriors emerge alive from disasters they encounter or provoke, therefore the prospect of their deaths offers us a glimpse of the shape of immortals. Their courage & their survival […]