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Casablanca plus The English patient equals another Oscar drama?

It’s Oscar season & I’ve had the chance to attend an advanced screening of Allied in Seattle, where Paramount’s security men assured us we’d enjoy the show & that they would, too–having night vision goggles, they’d be all over us […]


A story about what can keep men from turning into beasts

Fury is the proper reaction to Nazis. American soldiers kill whatever Germans they can in the fights; they do take prisoners, except that they hate SS troops especially, who hang children, among other things. Germans are hateful because they cause Americans to do […]

Fight club

A self-help guide for the godless

This is a movie for people educated enough to know that turning human fat into soap is talking about the Nazis. So the reader must decide whether the story teaches you how to be the only worthwhile fascist, the successful fascist – because it has become the only […]

World War Z

On nature the killer

Global warming causes the end of civilization. At least that’s what they say on television. What seems to be closer to the truth is that civilization is in crucial ways more vulnerable the more technology advances. Specifically, commerce, liberalism, makes people wealthy, which seems to make them feel invulnerable in […]


A note on the disguise of art as chance

This is the only Guy Ritchie comedy in which the narrator is the protagonist. He is a man given to sarcastic humor. Still & all, he is the only man who can give us commentary on the setting, the actors, & the action. We are […]

A river runs through it 1

On the importance of religion for happiness

Of the father, his son says: To him, all good things – trout as well as eternal salvation – came by grace; & grace comes by art; & art does not come easy… If my father had his way, nobody who did not know how to fish […]