Table of contents

True Lies 1

The dangers of love affairs

James Cameron turns in his only comedy to a problem that stirs in all his action movies: Marriage. How to mate man & woman, more specifically. His comedy is not leisurely. Men cannot afford the luxury of impossible conceits. Comic accidents would tend to make men seem ridiculous. How […]

Total Recall

A Martian adventure

In the near future, mankind will have turned to science to explore the nearer planets of the solar system, as well as the nature of the brain. The coming problem seems to be this: Science has transformed mankind to such an extent that it is no longer clear what it means […]

Last Action Hero 1

On love of men & boys

John McTiernan has made only one comedy, a mockery of action movies, withering criticism of the kind of poetry that made his name. Apparently, heroes were always on his mind, who saw them even as the comic poet does. As far as he went high, so far does […]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1

The war of the end of the world

The education of the last hero of mankind is our story, who is supposed to defend man from science. This is therefore the story of the inevitability of war. In showing how men come to learn about war, the poet shows that war, or knowledge of […]

The expendables 1

Men & poets Some notes on the necessity & difficulty of telling stories about war & justice in our times

Sylvester Stallone has endeavored to bring back all the action stars, gracing them in the process with a memorable appearance. Men die, being mortal, when their bodies die. Heroes die only when they are […]


Man & the forest

A half-dozen football-field Americans descend into the forests south of the border, where America is lawless. They are warriors, trained for special operations. We take for granted that men war for country & glory – without patriotism, we would perish quickly. Surprisingly, some men wage war anonymously. But then their […]