Table of contents

As tears go by

A note on the possibility that honor defends humanity

The opening of the film sets up a conflict between man & family. The man himself sleeps days, works nights, which suggests a connection between independence & crime. He comes from a family: Some woman in the family asks him to give shelter to a […]

Blind detective

On love as acquisition

Our story starts in a rather comedic manner & then turns uglier & uglier. Three characters are shown to be laughable. First, there is the blind detective, whose quest to acquire a fortune is perpetually frustrated. Johnston is not only blind, but a dandy & a glutton. Secondly, there is […]

House of Flying Daggers

On love as an alternative to law

Our story takes place at the end of a dynasty. The empire’s power to terrorize is not what it once was. As happens in such cases, secret societies emerge. On the other side of the law, it’s no clearer whether the private or the public good rules. […]

Days of being wild

A note on love & fickleness

Our protagonist says: There is a bird without legs, born in flight, that lands only when it dies. It seems, Love is the awareness of being in love, or having fallen in love, or not being in control of oneself anymore. But love is also thereafter the awareness […]

Infernal Affairs 1

A note on the relationship between crime & heroism

The story opens at a Buddhist temple. Sam tells the newcomers how his criminal enterprise started: Protection rackets. Their enemy is the police. Men died fighting. The laws of the city do not move him; he makes a show of his piety, then he insists […]