Table of contents

Medicine man 1

Men & science

Is a miracle without proof only a miracle? The man who cuts down the forest says so; that gives political urgency to the story. The poet only faces us with that kind of brutality after we see that miracles without proof lead men & women in search of the proof: This […]

Judge Dredd

A note about the just man

Judge Dredd is a great believer in the law. He lives in a world where the difference between life & death is easy to understand. Who obeys the laws is not killed by the judges. But what about those killed otherwise? What justice do they get? Dredd is […]

Total Recall

A Martian adventure

In the near future, mankind will have turned to science to explore the nearer planets of the solar system, as well as the nature of the brain. The coming problem seems to be this: Science has transformed mankind to such an extent that it is no longer clear what it means […]

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

The city on fire

This action movie looks back to the original it succeeds. Apparently, this is because of vengeance: the evil man today is brother to the evil man the other day. Apparently, Americans find it impossible or undesirable to destroy the evil to the last one, so they have to fight the […]

Rambo 1

The city & the man of war

Rambo is walking through the Pacific Northwest. Without the city, he asks a woman about a man, her son, his fellow soldier. He shows her a picture from Vietnam. The man died of cancer, without glory, relief, or consolation. His country used him & abandoned him. From […]