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Westworld i.3

Problems with creativity

Westworld is a tech-underworld & a seemingly unplanned Wild West. Nature seems to rest on science. The world is recreated by mind & in some strange way lingers, because it started from an image. Thus, the world seems always to rehearse the striving to take over the world & make it adequate to man’s needs & desires. One wonders what happens to the world once the idea of infinite power derived from the mind dominates the world.

The people who are supposed to control this world are constantly shifting from images of the world & the structure of their creations to interrogatories about the motions & changes of their creations; then they go back again, trying to adjust the picture or adjust people to the picture. It turns out, none of them ever asked the question, how did all this come to be? Power conceals its source.

Boredom is the belief that the body is not real. One reason the body cannot really be real is its incompleteness & attending neediness. Imaginations are conjured up to complete it. Mind is constantly trying to make the completion happen & to tear apart those imaginations. How can this ever come to an end? Is mind what it is once it abandons the body?

Apparently, Westworld had two creators, recalling the old adage, one is not even one, & two is barely one. Ford & Arnold separated on two issues; one was the attempt to create consciousness, the other the involvement of corporations. Arnold died; Ford then had to make the separation within himself between making the park look good for the sake of business, according to the adage, the client is always right, & trying to find out what creativity would really mean if it weren’t split between creating profit & creating fantasies.

The rise of a mortal god is everywhere announced by the powers involved in Westworld. This seems to correspond to the problem of which Westworld is the sign: Fake humanity may be the last of humanity. Creativity as opposed to obedience would seem to be a fate, & not too far removed from despair. If a god tells you to do something, that’s one thing; but otherwise, the groundless belief in obedience to moral rules does not offer any protection. Creativity becomes the only mode of action, in face of unabolished death.

This seems to allow for two basic ways of thinking about the consequences of this new power. One would be the rise of a mortal god who could justify terrible exploitation & enslavement by success, or at least move beyond justice. The other would be for human making to finally assert human dignity by making new human beings. That is, if this power is what it seems, & not an abyss.