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Howl’s moving castle 2

Some notes on character How helplessness causes the plot

Sophie’s absent mother thinks beauty is something you use to get good things from other people. She’s husband-hunting. This beauty turns out to hide callousness & more than a little evil. This comes from a sense of entitlement: If you’re beautiful, people treat you as […]

Howl’s moving castle

Love without patience

The most important thing about this story, the plot makes no sense. I’ll write later about the characters–for now let’s try to figure out why this is so. Two stories have Howl at the center. Two women chase after him, the king’s witch & another witch. The one starts a war; […]

Westworld i.3

Problems with creativity

Westworld is a tech-underworld & a seemingly unplanned Wild West. Nature seems to rest on science. The world is recreated by mind & in some strange way lingers, because it started from an image. Thus, the world seems always to rehearse the striving to take over the world & make it […]

Westworld i.2

Visions of freedom

A robot had previously introduced us to Westworld–two men now do, one new there. One has decided, freedom means slavery to desire. Being overwhelmed by desire is proof there’s no more to be got. The plainness of his desires refutes his self-importance. The other, Logan, wants to be the gentleman & […]

Westworld i.1

In the future, we will be obsessed with our origins

Dolores means pain. It is an ironic name–she’s a sunny-side-up sort of girl who insists on the beauty of the world. That her destiny is terrible is evident from the name her creators have chosen for her. That she does not think about her […]