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Jack Reacher: Never go back

Feminism done somewhat well

The Reacher movie showed honor as American laws teach it going beyond what American laws will allow. This sequel shows the American family going beyond the laws. This seems more of a judgment on the secret manly dreams that create the action movie audience than on society at large.

The […]

Jack Reacher 2

Some notes on the motive power of freedom & honor when it comes to American men

Now that there’s a sequel out that seems as good as designed to ruin the character out of a misguided desire to introduce feminism into his story, I want to go back to the Jack Reacher movie, to […]

Luke Cage 3

What’s left of dignity in fiction?

Luke Cage has one mentor, Pop, a kindly old man whose barbershop is a refuge for wild young men & is neutral in the fights in the neighborhood. We see almost no real crime in Harlem, by the way, so it’s not clear why there would be any […]

Luke Cage 2

The problem with storytelling

At some point, we’re told Luke Cage used to be in law enforcement, as well as a Force Recon Marine. If you’ve met men of either type, or at least seen them on a screen, you’ll notice that he conducts himself nothing like it. He’s as clueless tactically as anyone […]

Luke Cage

The problem with the invisible man

Welcome to the first spectacle featuring a black superhero. This is also the first time a superhero deals with a real American problem. This is not a coincidence. In our age, it’s not clear anyone would tolerate fiction on this matter without burdening the story with the conflicts […]

The right stuff 2

A show of statesmanship

When once the aviators make it to Cape Canaveral, they reach a crisis. The quarrel starts in the locker-room, in-between their duties & their private lives. Soon, they form two groups getting read for a fight–some argue that private life is private for people who do their jobs well, because […]

The right stuff

Memories of the last age when manliness was a thing of pride in America

This is the only Tom Wolfe book made into a movie. It is a story about the confidence & daring of American men in the age when America first acquired the confidence of the most powerful republic in history. This […]