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Star Trek Beyond 2

Discovery as a home for the homeless A note on self-love

I’ve explained previously what lies at the core of the psychological problem of the story, that is, the story as it should have been written, had the writers been interested in what they have stumbled upon concerning captaincy. I’d like to complete that […]

Star Trek Beyond

The understated importance of having a future On the troubled character of faithful service

Buried in the rubble that is the spectacle of unrelenting destruction, running around, & narrow escapes, there is something serious we can see by confronting the problem of captaincy.

The first relevant fact the trailers advertise: Kirk is depressed. Halfway […]

Sunset blvd. 3

The question concerning tragedy

Nobody in Hollywood seemed a new Shakespeare quite like Billy Wilder. He is not the only poet to have done both comedy & something like tragedy–the closest thing to tragedy available to the age of liberalism. But he did it more often, more successfully, & more naturally than, say, Howard […]

Sunset blvd. 2

The age of reason Recommended reading, Stendhal

The talkies are an entirely different world. The assistant director jokes about how his friends might write their story such that it would get him a job. The producer jokes that he had no idea Gone with the wind would be big–it’s just a Civil War picture, […]

Sunset blvd.

The shocking origins of Hollywood greatness On modern worship

Let’s talk theology. The old stars of Hollywood are like forgotten gods. One hears talk of Valentino or Fairbanks as though they were Mars & Adonis. They may not be gods–nor heroes–but they played such on screen.

They even have the names of European […]