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Take shelter 2

The American fear of revelation

This is the sort of thing an American Ingmar Bergman might film. The relationship between manliness, family, & the Christian faith, apparently director Jeff Nichols’ continuous study, is faced with the end times in this story. We do not live lives with any grasp of the mysterious part of […]

Take shelter

Can a man be a witness to the end of the world?

Curtis is a construction worker; he has a wife, Samantha, who takes care of their daughter, Hannah, who is deaf & has to be taught sign language, which they must also learn, & who needs rare medical care. Curtis leads a small […]

Midnight special 2

America’s Christ-haunted individualism

There is a shocking contrast between Alton’s weakness & the bloody deeds & dark designs that surround him. One wonders whether there is any kind of wisdom that could come to us as innocence without our turning to bloodshed. There are at least three Biblical stories about fathers or sons in […]

Midnight special

On angels & Americans

Roy has stolen his son Alton from the cult where he had allowed the boy to be raised. Roy has come to think that he knows better than the cult leader what to do about his son’s unnatural powers. The FBI attacks the cult, in search of the boy, whose […]


Men without families A note on how a man is split in two

Neckbone & Ellis run into Mud on a deserted island on the Mississippi. He says they remind him of him. This turns out to mean, they look lost. Is that how freedom comes to sight? They seem to strike a deal […]

Batman v Superman 3

Political suggestions & the problem of interpretation

Clark Kent alludes to #blacklivesmatter with his concern that vigilante Batman is beating up people in poor neighborhoods. Alfred calls Batman’s aircraft a drone & of course Batman & Lex are doing surveillance. The general who imitates Obama alludes to government-military conspiracies keeping war incidents under wraps. […]

Batman v Superman 2

How did Batman finally go crazy?

Every mortal man sooner or later starts doubting whether Superman is what he seems, except, I think, his mother. But mothers are that way. Well, Superman pretty much is what he seems to be, that’s the uncanny thing about him. He’s the image of proud benevolence & he […]

Batman v Superman

Why is it our fears come true?

This story is a very unusual attack on young people. It puts the millennium in millennials, as it were. The actors young enough for young people play Superman & Lex Luthor. Lex is both a mastermind–aren’t all kids these days?–& a villain–he’s got no class. He’s a […]