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Ip man 2

The martial art as substitute for religion

China fell to communist tyranny in 1949. Ip Man fled to Hong Kong. There, a poor man of no importance, hardly able to feed his family, he decided to open a school, that is, sell his knowledge. A master of martial arts is implicitly someone’s master, which […]

Ip man

Some notes on how honor might justify inequality in politics

This is the first story about Ip Man, an account of his position in China. In his Southern province, Foshan, he is an aristocrat & a master of martial arts. As an aristocrat, he is reclusive & discreetly uses the modes of modern capitalism […]

Ip Man 3

Reflections on honor in our times

This is the end of a trilogy. In subsequent posts, I’ll write about the first two movies that dramatize the life of Ip Man, the master of Bruce Lee. Fans of martial arts as much as people interested in what China has to offer could benefit by seeing […]

Daredevil ii part 3

Of gods & men

Daredevil also has a brunette babe from the past to make his life interesting. They have a remarkably ridiculous story–wealth & privilege lead to irresponsibility; educated youths become free spirits–they move effortlessly between heart-rending stories & mindless lust; & then they’re supposed to turn murderer. The suggestion here is that […]

Daredevil ii part 2

Erotic failure & feminist success in justice-peddling

Daredevil’s blue-eyed blonde legal assistant, former damsel-in-distress, & future journalist flattering democrats – also, failed lover – is the image of the lie we tell ourselves about our tastes. We love pretty women & are willing to construct damsel-in-distress stories around them. The feminist reversal preserves the […]

Daredevil ii

You’re just one bad day away from being me

This is what Punisher says: This is the theme of the story. He himself is the hero of a world where manliness no longer makes sense. As Daredevil says, Punisher¬†really is all about justice. There is no justice but punishment for human beings:¬†That is the […]