Table of contents

Seven samurai

A note on the possibility of a common good

The year is 1586, Toyotomi Hideyoshi is as close to ruling Japan as anybody has been in centuries. As the various alliances of military aristocrats prepare for the next series of wars, villagers are starving & falling prey to bandits. The ugly truth about Japan […]

Sergeant Rutledge 2

On justice & the future

The narration of events starts with a young woman who has returned to the West. She’s told Arizona has changed. The change, of course, is the Civil War. It’s the Stars & stripes forever now. Civilization should be coming & a future a woman could like! Indeed, a young […]

Sergeant Rutledge

On the dangers attending on freedom

This story ends with a sordid sex murder which shows the difficulty of laying the dead to rest. What we think makes us human seems questionable–family, law, faith. The courts of law seem unable to do justice; maybe preventing some injustices is all they can do–maybe bearing witness […]