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On America as homelessness

A girl from Ireland is sent to America to make a living for herself there. Sister & mother are heart-broken at the separation, even ignoring the risks of the enterprise, but are resigned: There is no future for her in Ireland. In America, she finds it difficult to learn anything […]

Lawrence of Arabia 8

God & idol Some notes on the ugliness of our bodies

As you will see, men do not obey gods concerning justice. Murder is required to get the fighters who will make a nation. Lawrence’s army now includes too many unholy people. There could be no other success–everyone they encounter they must overwhelm. Their […]

Lawrence of Arabia 7

Worshipping success Some notes on immortality

You can see what an element of chance is part of destiny. The divinity of Lawrence does not impress Abu Tayi–it is perishable. His manliness is not his shield. But Lawrence enjoys towering over people who chant his name while showing off what they have acquired by his […]

Lawrence of Arabia 6

Rule in the desert Some notes on turning science against those who own it

The Arabs are as incapable of making weapons as they are of making cities. But they can conquer them. The user is the true master of something, not the maker. Lawrence teaches them how to rob at an entirely new […]

Lawrence of Arabia 5

Conquest Some notes on the emergence from the desert

Moses led his people through the desert to conquest in order to make a people of them. That was the minimum requirement of divine justice. Lawrence is doing the same. The conquest of Arabia is now underway, for the first time since first Mohammed accomplished […]

Lawrence of Arabia 4

The god among men Some notes on how rule takes rule of life

Ali gives Lawrence water a second time. This time he is really giving water. This time he has met a man whose generosity far outstretches his own. The first time, Ali murdered one man & spared another. This time, Lawrence spares […]

Lawrence of Arabia 3

The miracle Some notes on the angel of the lord of hosts

This is the experience of a miracle on screen. We see heaven & earth & they are clearly separated, very homogeneous, & limited by a horizon. The world surrounds man. There he lives & knows who he is. But there is something […]

Lawrence of Arabia 2

Here is the meeting of the bedouins. Here we see life & murder put together. All the fearless faith of the desert man & his mindless cruelty. Life in the desert is stripped of its charms. Its necessity shines forth. The sun which makes life possible takes life. The water which makes life possible […]

Lawrence of Arabia 1

The man who would be a god, or nearly Some notes on masters & rulers

Peter O’Toole is dead. Let us remember his finest hour. This movie made his fame &, for better or worse, his career. It is a fine movie, & rare. Its insight into the emergence of political order is much […]