Table of contents

Days of being wild 2

A note on love & homelessness

A Fei is a playboy. He is raised by a whore, so it makes sense. But she is not his mother, so he rejects her & wants to abandon her. He wants to find his true mother–who abandoned him, which, again, makes sense. He loves two women, one […]

Chungking Express 4

The injustice attending on love as a therapy Some notes on the possibility that love unsatisfied is who we are

The easy-going banality of the story–the poet’s attempt to show us lives we would not bother to notice & which the press or television indeed do not notice–prepares us for the kind of shock […]

Chungking Express 3

How heroic our lives really are Some notes on the self-concealment of lovers

One of the policemen has his heart broken by a flighty young woman who seems to enjoy his sense of humor or playfulness, but prefers a different kind of play. One sees her attached, not too firmly, to a biker. That […]

Chungking Express 2

Love as endangerment Some notes on the troubles that attend our banal lives

A world where you give a woman a choice of foods–there’s multiculturalism in its basic, vulgar form–is a world where she will want a choice of men. Love is not trustworthy because as democrats we’re all so erotic: We move from […]

Fallen angels 4

Are we doing unusual people an injustice? Some notes on the blight of anonymity

The two men whose stories are put together for us want to change their lives into normal lives. They have no doubt about what normal life is like–they both have images of work & family. They would like to join […]

Fallen angels 3

An unflattering view of the poet Some notes on the confusion of images & things

To move from his relation to his unwilling clients to his unwitting beloved: He is figuring out that people have to come alive to desire before you can satisfy their desires. People learn by their desire for you that […]

Fallen angels 2

A joke about the god of love Some notes on the difference between desire in the specific sense & desire itself by itself

Fallen angels seems to be about how some people do not make it to success in this modern world described by individualism & hustle. Hong Kong has taken on commerce & […]

She’s funny that way 4

An indiscretion Some notes on how we could begin to learn who we are

If you know the story, you have to raise all sorts of questions about the weird choices the characters make. We learn the director has seduced & saved quite a number of women, the wife & family none the wiser. […]

She’s funny that way 3

The emergence of eros out of neediness Some notes on how comedy does the work of reasoning about nature

Why should the story have a whore turn into an actress? The poet suggests, he will confirm the worst of our desires & uplift them. He will make a goddess where we would make a […]