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She’s funny that way 2

A latter-day lover of beauty’s work

Arnold Albertsen is a middle-class American whose love of great stories has turned him into several kinds of criminal. He is an unwilling, half-hearted immoralist. He is married to the star of his new play, an actress who knows expertly the reputation of actresses. He is trying to […]

She’s funny that way

The good thing about celebrity

Isabella is America’s new hope. She used to be a whore. She is now an actress of some renown. Prestigious magazines staffed by cynical writers who seek her to learn her story get snippy about her naivety. The writer is sure the truth is ugly–she never suffered & rejoiced […]

Sicario 2

The question about the powers of the laws

North & South of the border stand the domains of domestic & foreign policy. With regard to the endangerment that leads the human beings to associate, this is the difference between the police & the army. This is also the difference between friend & enemy. Even […]

Sicario 1

Politics & time Some notes on justice & facing the dead

America is such a paradise, women lead some of those police teams dressed in armor who play soldier & kick in doors. Kate Macer is such a woman, strikingly pretty & with a softness about her that makes you wonder why she would […]

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 3

The comic attack on the concealment of injustice in beauty Some notes on the remarkable coincidences required for justice

A failed burglary, an impromptu firefight, & an improvised escape from the police lead man of the people Harry Lockhart from misery in NYC to the life of sin in Hollywood, where he gets to […]

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2

The comical identity of actor & hero Some notes on the deceptions that belong properly to the phenomenon of heroism

Harry Lockhart is a punk with a sense of humor; when you’re a loser, there is not much else to have; it’s a kind of pride. He starts out a petty thief & ends […]

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Some notes on a commonsensical view of justice

The end of the story suggests happy ends are as good as resurrection. Maybe comedy replaces religion. How to demote death, though? Comedy is not serious about anything, not even death. Comedy might even make fun of Abraham Lincoln. Comedy might even disbelieve in a new […]

Brideshead revisited 11

Lord Marchmain in the end returns to England even as war returns to Europe. The old man is dying surrounded by his family, having outlived his cruelly pious wife as an exile. He wants to disinherit the eldest son, who cannot even tell he is humiliated by his marriage, in favor of the eldest […]

Brideshead revisited 9-10

Orphans of the storm & A twitch upon the thread

On his return to England, Charles meets Julia on the boat, & they fall in love as they find each other survivors of the catastrophes that have brought down the house of Marchmain. The news ahead of them is bleak. Brideshead has turned into […]